Hashtag Escape

The epic puzzle game

How it works

Hashtag Escape is a brand new escape room adventure game based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You and your team of friends are locked in a mysterious room… You have 1 hour to work as a team and discover the secrets hidden inside, solve the puzzles and escape the room!
It’s like a real life adventure video game! All the rooms and puzzles have been hand crafted by a team of South African puzzle masters - a truly unique experience!

There are 3 different rooms available (the widest selection available in Johannesburg) - all offering a vastly different experience. 

Do you have what it takes to escape?

Rooms Rooms

The Rebel room
The Rebel room

The Rebel Room

Your team has a secret mission, but the rebels have other ideas for you... Can you complete your objective and escape in time?

That's as much as you're going to get! We wouldn't want to spoil the fun would we?

The Rebel Room is the first of our Escape Rooms and, due to it's size, each game requires a minimum of 3 people with a maximum of 7 to prevent the room from being overcrowded.

Players:              3-7
Recommended:  4-6

Cost:       R250 per person



Paranormal investigators have been dispatched to an abandoned house to solve a decades-old mystery.
Can they find the truth before it is too late?

Closure is our second room and has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. It is without a doubt the most advanced and immersive Escape Room in South Africa.
Come experience the journey for yourself!

Players:              2-7
Recommended:  4-6

Cost:       R250 per person

Hack Out

Hack Out

Your team has been imprisoned in separate cells in a Maximum Security Detention Facility. You're not alone... a mysterious figure has disabled the security systems.

This is your chance! Hack Out before they are re-activated!

Players:              3-7

Recommended:  4-6

Cost:       R250 per person

RED Moon

Red Moon

Wizard, Sorcerer, Alchemist and Blacksmith of land Mythareal.

You have been chosen to stop Valacor before the Red Moon wakes him up.
You each possess a bag belonging to your ancestors.

Find the Ancient of Souls, and obtain the answer you require.

Time is of the essence.

Grand Wizard,

Recommended:  4-6

Cost:       R250 per person

WARNING:        No under 16s

Players:          4-7

WARNING:        No under 16s

Questions Trivia Quiz

We create & host bespoke Quiz Events for all Companies.

Trivia games are great for team building & corporate events. Hashtag Escape sets up at your venue.

Can you answer our challenging questions and become the winning team?


Bookings Bookings

View available game times to decide when you will make your escape!
We use a service called Acuity to manage our bookings - it's really easy to use. Choose a game and a time and you're ready to Escape!

No payment is required to confirm a book online. Cash and credit card payments are accepted at the venue.

For corporate events, our team will contact you to arrange payment and issue you with an invoice.

If it's really last minute and you'd like to play today, call us on 079 379 0410 and we'll see if we can slot you in!

Bookings FAQ's

Hashtag Escape is quite possibly the ultimate team building experience.
Take a look at the questions section below for more information on corporate events.

Questions Questions

So maybe you've never heard of an escape room. Not to worry!
We've thought of some things you may want to know before making your escape...

Tell me more

Tell me more

Q: How much does it cost?
R250 per person for the 1 hour experience

Am I really locked in?
A: Yes you are but the game is closely monitored on camera and you may end the game at any time if you really want to.

Q: What if I have a team bigger than 7 people?
A: We have 3 different rooms and they run concurrently so we will split your group amongst the three rooms.

Q: Is it dangerous? 
A: Absolutely not. The designers of the game have taken great care to ensure your safety. It’s no more dangerous than the average day at the office, but we guarantee it’s a whole lot more fun.

Q: This sounds too difficult, puzzles are not for me. 
A: The game has been tested on people of all ages and they all loved it just as much!

Q: What if I can’t solve the puzzles? 
A: Your team will be monitored on a camera during the game and you will receive clues and hints to help you out if you struggle so don’t stress!

Q: What about all my stuff? Bag, phone, keys etc. 
A: We have secure lockers for all your valuables to ensure you can focus on having a great time.

Q: I’m physically challenged – vision, hearing, mobility etc. Can I still do this? 
A: The game contains many challenges that rely on audio and vision so we advise that at least one of your players should not have hearing or visual difficulties. Space is somewhat confined and our premises are up a flight of stairs so people who rely on assistive devices such as wheelchairs may have difficulties. However, we would love to make a plan to make sure you have a great time so please email us or give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

Corporate events

Corporate events

Hashtag Escape is quite possibly the ultimate team-building experience for your company.
Please get in touch with us to allow us to create for you an unforgettable day out of the office.

Phone: 079 379 0410
Email : info@hashtagescape.co.za

Why is this the ultimate team builing experience?

Besides being great fun and accessible to people of all ages, Hashtag Escape's adventures offer very real benefits when used as corporate team building events.
You'll probably be having too much fun to notice, but the time pressure and unknown challenges of our escape rooms compel individuals to work together as a team to escape in time.
Our challenges are specifically designed to be impossible for a single person to complete and multiple challenges can be attempted simultaneously - the players quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of their fellow escapees to best conquer the numerous and diverse challenges presented in the environment.
The nature of the challenges also ensure that diversity in the team is a huge benefit. It is not uncommon for a player who started out as timid and unsure to solve a puzzle that stumped the rest of the team - the self confidence boost this provides the player is immeasurable and lasts for long after the hour is up.


Currently our 3 rooms can accommodate 21 players per hour.
Hashtag Escape is situated on Grant Avenue in Norwood and is a great area for lunch/dinner/drinks.
For teams larger than 21 we recommend incorporating a lunch into your event and booking back to back slots so that the rest of the team is occupied while the current group makes their escape. This also allows for team discussion aftwerwards so that the players can identify how they overcame particular challenges.
We are happy to assist with planning the perfect event, so please get hold of us to discuss your specific requirements.

Important stuff

Important stuff

Stuff you need to know before booking and arriving!

  • Our premises are located at 39 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg. Corner of Grant Avenue and Iris.
  • You are welcome to park in the parking lot at Grant Centre otherwise anywhere on the street.
  • If you are standing in the parking at Grant Centre look around the left side of CHROME supplement store and you will see our sign.
  • You will see our sign on the street. Ring the intercom and we’ll let you up. Go through the glass door and up a short flight of stairs.
  • The 3 game rooms have different themes and stories and accommodate 3-7 people each. The game is challenging and a larger team has a better chance of a successful escape!
  • If you have a group of more than 20 people we recommend booking multiple consecutive time slots. There are great restaurants, coffee shops and bars within walking distance so feel free to take a break while your friends make their escape.
  • The game lasts 1 hour exactly.
  • Please ensure you arrive about 10-15 minutes early as there is a short briefing and setup process. If you arrive late unfortunately your game time will need to be shortened so that next team can start on time – sorry!
  • Try not to arrive more than 30 minutes before as we will be busy with the previous groups.
  • Try wear comfortable clothing, you’ll just have more fun if you can move around freely.
  • The game is perfectly suitable for people of all ages although we recommend a minimum age of 12 years. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please note that once your booking is confirmed your game cannot be cancelled or refunded. A game may only be rescheduled provided notice is given at least 72 hours in advance and subject to an alternative timeslot being available.

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Contact Us Contact Us

Find us at:

39 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg

Corner Grant Avenue and Iris Road. Parking Available at Grant Centre.
Find our sign and our door on the left side of CHROME supplement store

Please be in touch, we'd love to answer your questions!

tel: 079 379 0410